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  1. In order to keep costs to the customer down and to remain competitive within the market, the customer agrees that all jobs are payable upon completion.

  2. Agreement to the quoted price by the customer means the customer agrees to pay the quoted price upon completion of the job.

  3. It is my intention that jobs will be completed on the same day, wherever possible.

  4. Labour costs are fixed, all parts are paid in addition to the labour charge. Labour charges are: £130 for a major repair and gas appliance service on the same visit, £100 for major repairs,  minor gas work are £60 and gas servicing is £60 per appliance.

  5. Any jobs over 300 miles will be subject to agreement of labour costs between the customer and myself before commencement of the job.

  6. If a part cannot be sourced on the day of the job attendance, no further labour costs will be incurred by a re-attendance. Jobs that attract the surcharges disclosed in conditions 4 & 5 (5 being subject to pre-job agreement) will result in another surcharge payment ( but no further labour charges) for re-attendance.

  7. All parts are covered by the parts manufacturers warranties, usually for the period of a year.

  8. If on a re-attendance, the boiler is found to have developed another fault from the original fault in the intervening period, this is to be dealt with as a new repair and subject to new repair job terms & conditions.

  9. If on a re-attendance, the same fault has developed again within the parts guarantee period, the repair will be completed for a further £60 if longer than six months from the original repair date. If the repair was less than six months previously, no further labour charges will be incurred.

  10. Costs of parts will be sourced when attending the job. The customer will then have the opportunity to decide whether to proceed with the repair. If I, or the customer, deem the boiler to be Beyond Economic Repair through parts cost, availability or poor general boiler condition, then a Diagnosis fee of £60 shall be charged instead of the normal full repair labour charge, along with any surcharges if the repair falls into categories 5 or 6

  11. Payments are strictly by Credit / Debit cards, BACS or cash..





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